The City Fox

foxThe City Fox is a new literary e-zine based in Yorkshire. It was founded, and is edited, by the very talented trio of Kathy Halliday, Vicki Bartram, and Evie Johnson and it is wonderfully illustrated by Nicola Spencer. The first issue is out now and it looks fantastic. You can check it out here:

As much as I am very impressed with this new publication, I’m not plugging it for the goodness of my health. My story This Man Alone has been chosen for the first issue, and has been illustrated with a suitably creepy drawing of some human ribs. That probably tells you a fair bit about the story’s theme.

Anyone who read The Long Goodbye, published in Nib Magazine earlier this year, will recognise that This Man Alone tells part of the same story, but from a different perspective. I’ve started to create a series based around that first story, which I hope will one day turn into a collection. So far I’ve sent two of them out and they’ve both been picked up, so it’s so far so good. I hope you enjoy This Man Alone, and that you’ll all support The City Fox.


One thought on “The City Fox

  1. Reblogged this on Feathers in the Rain and commented:
    We (finally) launched Issue #1 ‘Bones’ over at The City Fox!
    As well as the beautiful illustrations from Nicola Spencer, we have some really exceptional poetry and prose pieces, including a fiction piece by Fran Slater, who has been kind enough to mention us over at his blog Words Without Reason. Thanks Fran!

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